How to be Healthy on a Vegan Diet (Nutrient chart sources)

Vegan Protein Sources Vegan Calcium Sources Vegan Iron Sources

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Why should I go Vegan?

Resources and Documentaries : Cruelty, Ethical reasons Dairy is Scary 5 mins video A Cow in Today’s Dairy Industry – 5 mins non-graphic videoEarthlings DocumentaryYou Will Never Look at Your Life in the Same Way Again […]

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Jain Vegan Lifestyle in USA

What is Jainism? Jainism is an ancient religion with roots in pre-Vedic India. Jains believe that all living beings – including animals, plants and microbes – have a soul, and that all souls are equal. […]

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Welcome to my Blog

My name is Yash Doshi and I’m a Photographer specializing in wedding, lifestyle, event and portrait photography. I’m based in California. I graduated from University of Southern California in Los Angeles. SERVICES Wedding Photography Lifestyle/Portrait Photography […]

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